Yomogi Steaming Sauna


Yomogi sauna is a traditional Korean folk remedy, used for a long time by Oriental medicine practitioners.


Oriental medicine treatments combined with natural herbal ingredients help people feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Pure steam of heated herbal improves women’s health such as regulating the menstrual cycle, preventing inflammation, treating digestive disorders, detoxifying and burning fat as well.


I want to share today a commissioned piece that I painted for a yomogi steam salon in Japan.  The beauty treatment originates in Korea, but it’s gaining popularity in Japan and other parts of Asia.  It involves the steaming of yomogi under a chair which the person receiving the treatment sits on while wearing an oversized cape to trap all the goodness of the steam in.  A detox and beauty within treatment that has been gathering many fans.

Yomogi, is Japanese mugwort, a herb that can be eaten (especially when made into a delicious rice cake dessert–Google yomogi mochi, or kusamochi and you would know what I mean), drank, or used for steaming.  It is known for its detoxing, healing, warming properties, and for ladies, to help alleviate the bloating, menstrual craps and more.  Hence, when pregnant or nursing the herb should be avoided.

Self-care has always been the core of my work, may it be writing and illustrating books like How To Take a Wa Style Bath and My Little Book of Happiness, which are about taking care of oneself, or painting my bubbles series, as it brings a sense of zen to both the painter (me) and the viewer (you).  So, I was extremely delighted when I was asked to illustrate this piece for a new yomogi salon.  It really shows how lucky I am to have these wonderful opportunities!


Soothing, healing and skin-beautifying Japanese traditional bath packs.

The leaves’ natural cineole essential oil gives off a refreshing spicy, lemony spring-like aroma.

❤ Condition skin and ease dryness
❤ Alleviate bacterial skin conditions
❤ Soothe joint and muscle pain

❤ Ease inflammatory conditions such as eczema

Made with wild-harvested leaves of yomogi, known as the Japanese “wonder herb”, a member of the aster family of plants which include chrysanthemum, and daisy.

The Japanese prize yomogi for its benefits and use its leaves in numerous ways such as for making tea (yomogi cha), sweet mochi rice cakes, skin-beautifying soaps, bath preparations (yomogi-yu)  and steam sauna for ladies (yomogi-mushi).

How to Herbal Steam Sauna?

  1. Change into a gown

  2. Sit forward and warm your back from the sacrum

Crossed legs position4. Knee kneeling and gym sitting are recommended. Because of Effective for uterus, genitalia and gynecology

5.  Moisturize your skin by putting it on your face