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【豊かさと繁栄の瞑想】 Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru Meditation 22min

Meditation on “Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru” for Manifesting Cosmic Protection (Complete Practice with Intro Talk)



Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru Meditation

This is a great meditation to bring a powerful calm and strong protection to you. It uses the “six sacred sounds” whose cosmic frequencies are unshakable. They will carry you through all calamity.

Yogi Bhajan said of this mantra:

“When there comes a moment in your life when nothing works, if all shelter and hope is gone, when the enemies overcome and friends have left, do this meditation.

The sound current has an Infinite power. It is the only power that is given to the human to excel. Vaak Siddhi is the perfection of the sound projection.

Guru Nanak explained it, ‘Through the mouth you utter a sound current, to which God listens with love.’

What you say is not a sound current. The sound current is that which you create with the organic matter of your body where you use your pranas and that has a projective power.”


The Master went on to say these are six unchangeable sounds that cover you in all six directions – four sides and up and down. This establishes and resonates cosmic frequencies to which Universe, the Cosmos, must respond. It establishes in the one who chants it an undeniable presence of command.The mantra for creativity, Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru, is in four parts and represents the cycle of creative activity.

Har represents the seed potential of Infinite Creativity.
Haray represents the flow of the Creative Force.
Hari represents the manifestation of the Creative Force.
Wahe Guru is an expression of joy and wonder at the beauty of this process.



みなさんにヨギバジャンの直伝瞑想をお伝えしたくて少しでもお役に立てればとMIMIが日本語通訳しています。 (が、英語がネイティブ並に完璧にペラペラではないので、ご了承ください🙏)



Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru

Har(ハレ):ハレは、 無限の想像力の可能性を開く を表す

Haray (ハレイ):ハレイは、宇宙フォース(Cosmic Force)はフォースの一側面で、すべてを結びつけるエネルギーの流れさせる

フォース(The Force)は銀河系のあらゆる生命を繋ぐエネルギー場である。 … あらゆる生き物が持つ生けるフォースのエネルギーは、宇宙フォースの中へと流れ込んで全てを結びつける。

Hari (ハリー):ハリーは、具現化する創造力
Wahe Guru (ワヘグルー):ワヘグルは、豊かさ、繁栄、お金の繁栄を具現化していくプロセスに喜びや美しさを感じるようになる


豊かさを受け取る 888Hz 周波数に合わせる




1. 親指と人差し指を合わせる(ハレ)
2. 親指と中指を合わせる(ハレイ)
3. 親指とくすり指を合わせる(ハリー)
4. 親指と小指を合わせる(ワー)
5. 親指と人差し指を合わせる(へー)
6. 親指と中指を合わせる(グルー)
7. 親指とくすり指を合わせる(ハレ)
8. 親指と小指を合わせる(ハレイ)

9. 親指と人差し指を合わせる(ハリー)
10. 親指と中指を合わせる(ワー)
11. 親指とくすり指を合わせる(へー)
12. 親指と小指を合わせる(グルー)




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